March 2024

Fighting for American Energy Dominance

March 30, 2024 - 17:54

In recent years, we have seen record-breaking gas and energy prices that are a direct result of the Biden administration’s America-last energy policies. The United States produces cleaner, safer, and better energy than anybody else in the world, and diminishing our domestic energy production only benefits hostile foreign nations while increasing prices for American families.

Broken Budget Process

March 30, 2024 - 17:43

Massive deficit spending continues in Washington with the passing of the final $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill, months after the fiscal year has started. The 1,012 page bill was released in the middle of the night, a day before the government was scheduled to shut down. This has to stop.

Washington has developed a well-honed process that has been plundering and mortgaging our children's future. This is what Washington has devolved into. It's disgusting. Spending has degraded the value of the dollar. A dollar at the start of the Biden administration is now worth only $0.85.

WI Trans Student Sues School District Over Bathroom Policy

March 30, 2024 - 17:35

A seventh-grade biological male student who "identifies" as a girl has filed a lawsuit in federal court against his Wisconsin school district, claiming he was prohibited from accessing the girls' restroom. The lawsuit alleges that the Elkhorn Area School District, located southwest of Milwaukee, has breached Title IX's supposed prohibition against sex-based discrimination in schools, as well as the Fourteenth Amendment, according to the 13-year-old plaintiff.

Vote for Chris Muller

March 23, 2024 - 16:19

I saw with dismay the Letter to the Editor [in the La Crosse Tribune] by Katelyn Doyle. She states that people should vote for Steve Doyle because he runs a positive campaign. At the same time, she attacked his opponents stating that they do not show up on the voting rolls.

I show up on the voter rolls. I am in his district. Unlike Katelyn Doyle, I am not the beneficiary of nepotism. I don’t belong to the same law firm as my father or made partner at the firm despite graduating law school in 2019. My mother is not a sitting circuit court judge.

National Guard Tuition Bill Becomes Law

March 23, 2024 - 10:12

I am proud my bipartisan bill that improves the National Guard tuition reimbursement grant distribution process was recently signed into law.

The state mission of the 9,600 members of the Wisconsin National Guard is to help civil authorities protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety in times of natural or human-caused emergencies.

We owe these brave men and women a tremendous debt, and one of the ways we can repay them is to make it easier for them to seek higher education.