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Vote for Chris Muller

March 23, 2024 - 16:19
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I saw with dismay the Letter to the Editor [in the La Crosse Tribune] by Katelyn Doyle. She states that people should vote for Steve Doyle because he runs a positive campaign. At the same time, she attacked his opponents stating that they do not show up on the voting rolls.

I show up on the voter rolls. I am in his district. Unlike Katelyn Doyle, I am not the beneficiary of nepotism. I don’t belong to the same law firm as my father or made partner at the firm despite graduating law school in 2019. My mother is not a sitting circuit court judge.

I have lived in his district since 1994 and have lived in the La Crosse area since the 1960s. I am retired, but had to go back to work to help pay bills. Everything has gone up including property taxes in the area.

I do not see Mr. Doyle. The only time I hear about him is when he is running for re-election. When my street flooded several years ago and it made the local news, he did not show up. He did not ask what he could do. He was too busy with his other job in Madison to care about this community. We need a leader that will help this community, not help friends in Madison, we need to elect Chris Muller to the County Board.

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I feel so blessed to have you volunteering your time and talents to write this letter in support of my campaign. Thank you! God bless and Happy Easter!

He has teamed up with one more person who has left La Crosse in shambles, I hope the people can see the big picture, and see the failed representation of this bunch is getting very old. It is time for some real representation, that the county can afford!

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