Brad Courtney for RNC Committeeman

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Brad Courtney for RNC Committeeman

May 11, 2024 - 14:55
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The RNC Committeeman position is a role designed to keep the GOP leadership at the national level connected and engaged with the grassroots of the state GOP.

Duties include taking part in the election of the chair and co-chair positions of RNC leadership and guiding the establishment of national policies and a party platform. But their most important duty, as mentioned above, is to be an ambassador for our state and a conduit of information exchange between our grassroots party members and the national leadership.

The person who fills the seat brings their own style of leadership to the position and can help guide the Republican Party with the power of their ideas and energy.

I first got to know Brad Courtney during the re-election campaign of George W. Bush. Brad is a great mentor and sets an excellent example for all grassroots leaders to follow. His energetic, ‘never give up’ approach has inspired many more grassroots leaders over the past few decades.

I can’t wait to cast my vote for Brad Courtney as RNC Committeeman during the WisGOP convention and I encourage you to join me in supporting him too.

You can learn more at his web site.

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Having known Brad Courtney for close to two decades, I wholeheartedly support this candidacy for RNC Committeeman. Given his political organization leadership experience, and his awareness of what we did yesteryear will not work in 2024 and beyond, he is certainly qualified!

Brad may be known for his leadership throughout the Walker years. Brad was an early driving force behind the GOP State Convention Prayer Breakfast which is a highlight of the Convention. I have watched attendance grow from a few dozen to a few hundred - probably over three hundred.

Other candidates for RNC Committeeman may have great success at the county level; but Brad's success is at the state level which should be a prerequisite for a national leadership position!

If you are going to the RPW Convention, please join me in voting for Brad Courtney for RPW Committeeman.

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