Rough Roads in La Crosse County

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Rough Roads in La Crosse County

March 30, 2024 - 18:09
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The following story by WXOW highlights the neglected roads where they still have the outdated cable guardrails with no plan from the current leadership to do anything about it.

11 miles of cable guardrail has board member speaking out

This story from WXOW shows that after many years of neglect the leadership is finally starting to get serious about fixing our roads but you will also note that it is not their highest priority as it should be.
Big things coming to La Crosse County in 2024

This story from WXOW goes into great detail about the condition of county roads which have been neglected for decades by the existing leadership. It is laughable that county leadership continues to blame state officials instead of owning the problem and coming up with a solution.
Rough Roads: La Crosse County Road M

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It just got spent on things that the government should not have its hands in. It seems that many on the County board don't know their Constitutional duties. We need to vote for people who understand the responsibilities of government.

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