Final Days before the Election

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Final Days before the Election

March 30, 2024 - 17:15
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Happy Easter! It’s Holy Saturday and we celebrated a beautiful service on Good Friday to remember the suffering that Jesus Christ endured to help free us from sin. It was incredibly moving and I was honored to perform the livestream broadcast which is still available on our church website:

I bring that up because being a servant of Christ and using the skills He blessed me with is a major part of who I am as a man. It is the same devotion and servant attitude that I will bring to the La Crosse County Board if you help me get elected. As I've heard from our neighbors, I will focus our local government resources on Roads, Safety, and Infrastructure, then return the savings back to taxpayers who deserve some tax relief.

Why is that important? My opponent and his supporters are spreading misinformation in an attempt to deceive voters. Several friends have shared the letters they are receiving from him and we all had a good laugh about them because their deceptive tactics are so blatant and childish. It is a sure sign that we are winning in this election when he feels the need to submit to such an act of desperation.

To use a football analogy: we are in the red zone now and ready to score the winning touchdown. The evidence is everywhere. I have spoken with hundreds of moms and dads at their own doorsteps. Only a handful of them even know who my opponent is. Why hasn’t he respected voters enough over all these years to reach out to them more frequently? Many have told me the only time they hear from him is during elections and that is always in the form of mailers, not in person to listen to their concerns.

Continuing with the football analogy: we have one play left to score the winning touchdown on Election Day and YOU are the star players.

We are so close to victory and we need ALL of YOU to vote and take all your friends and family with you. It’s going to be very, very close and it may even come down to a recount before we know the true outcome. Thank you and Happy Easter!

Take care and God bless,
Chris Muller

P.S. You can help build up our recount fund to cover any costs that might pop up. Remember that Wisconsin law caps donations at $500 so anything up to that amount will be greatly appreciated.

Make checks payable to:
Friends of Chris Muller
PO Box 131
Holmen, WI. 54636

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This is grassroots at its best! Add to that, you have someone who cares about the people and knows the issues! This would be a slam dunk if we had term limits, but we don't and many voters will vote for a familiar name, rather than the best candidate.

My opponent and his supporters are spreading misinformation in an attempt to deceive voters.

I noticed I have not heard his usual radio ads this cycle where he claims he is Mr. Non-Partisan.
I never believed it and I guess this proves it.

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