This is grotesque

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This is grotesque

December 22, 2022 - 16:54
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Our soon-to-be out of Congress, Ron Kind is proud to announce this abuse and I will list some.

Chronic Wasting Disease Research
Government spending to help Wisconsinites successfully save for retirement.
The Federal Land Asset Inventory Reform (FLAIR) Act
12 community projects in his 3rd Congressional District. These projects will deliver over $16.5 million in federal funds.

It is hard to know if we needed some or any of this, but it is easy to know that it is going to yield very inefficient results. It will put money into some local economies, but at a massive expense to our children. Ron Johnson is right, this mentality that we all have to get some, where we can has to stop. Yes, this is like addiction to drugs, we take it, we get dependent on it, and we will die of an overdose. All because we are selfish and ignorant.
I read many comments that are posted after this video, and it is very disappointing what some people say, they don't get it, they don't know it, and they are dangerous!

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