June 2024

Van Orden is Exceptional Representative of the People

June 08, 2024 - 15:30

I was recently reminded of just how long I have been monitoring, analyzing, studying, and participating in the world of politics. It has been almost 25 years since I started making this my night and weekend hobby. In all that time I have witnessed a lot of speeches, read a whole lot of press releases, read news stories from many different sources, and even studied some of the legislation that politicians are crafting. In 25-years of doing this I can tell you that it feels so refreshing to have Derrick Van Orden serving us in Congress.

Wisconsin Democrats Attempting to Fundamentally Transform America

June 08, 2024 - 15:17

As I type this, Wisconsin Democrats are meeting in Milwaukee at their annual convention to ramp up their attempts to fundamentally transform America into a Marxist Hell hole. You might have noticed that they were recently successful in transforming our justice system into a political witch hunting system.

WisconsinEye conducted a pre-convention interview with WisDem Chair Ben Wikler in which he admitted that Democrats' only chance in the Fall election is if they can manipulate the media into making abortion the number one issue on the minds of voters.

ACT NOW ! CouleeConservatives Night at the Loggers Game - July 3rd

June 08, 2024 - 15:02

The La Crosse Loggers are taking on the Eau Claire Express on July 3rd and you can join your fellow CouleeConservatives and cheer them on to victory!

We have reserved a private cabin where you can enjoy all the ballpark yummies that you like. Your ticket also gets you 3 drink tickets for adult beverages so get signed up today before all the seats are taken!

$42 - Adult
$15.75 - Youth (4-12)

See the flyer for details

Celebrating God's plan for fathers

June 08, 2024 - 15:00

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.”
– Exodus 20:12

It’s undeniable – men being present and involved both in the home as fathers and in the communities has a significant influence on all our lives. More importantly, God ordained families to be the marriage of one biological man and one biological woman who can be fruitful and multiply naturally or by adoption.

Border Bill Charade

June 08, 2024 - 14:39

The failed border bill that Democrat Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumertried to resurrect this week was worse than doing nothing. This time, it failed by an even wider bipartisan vote of 43-50.

President Biden has the authority to secure the border. He’s just not willing to use it because he and his Democrat colleagues want an open border. This charade by Sen. Schumer to bring back the failed February border legislation to the Senate floor is a political stunt and a poorly-veiled attempt to hand vulnerable Senate Democrats political cover instead of actually securing the border.

Viterbo Promotes Gender Confusion in Young Children

June 08, 2024 - 13:52

Viterbo University is a Catholic university in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Their library currently has a Pride Month display of children's books in their children's section. The books, aimed at children ages 3-17, include promoting gender confusion to 4 year olds, crossdressing "drag queens" to 7 year olds, and detailed, pornographic "transgender" sex scenes aimed at 14 year olds.

They are advertising the display as "Summer Reads" for children, but it is clearly meant to be a pride display as all 10 books are about gender confusion, cross dressing, and same sex relationships.

[book review] APRIL 1945 The Hinge of History by Craig Shirley

June 08, 2024 - 12:40

Several months ago, I read a book review on APRIL 1945 The Hinge of History by Craig Shirley which I tore out of my magazine and kept – eventually buying the book. I knew that April of 1945 was significant for the death of President Roosevelt and the World War II Victory in Europe. I thought I had maybe given the book away during a recent move, but it reappeared shortly thereafter. I have since read it not wanting to put it down.

Video of Latest 'On the Job' Visit

June 01, 2024 - 08:00

The video detailing my "On the Job" experience at the Food + Farm Exploration Center is now finished, and I am excited to be able to share it with all of you.

Since I was first elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 2016, I have regularly spent a day "On the Job" with local employers to get a better understanding of their operations and to highlight the employment opportunities available in our area.

This initiative also allows me to see how the decisions we make in Madison impact our local communities.