Convention of States Informative Meeting Discussing

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Convention of States Informative Meeting Discussing

March 05, 2021 - 05:26
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1. Imposing fiscal restraints on Fed. Gov’t
2. Limit power & jurisdiction of Fed. Gov’t
3. Term Limits on Congress & Fed. Officials

Location = Cotter Pin, Leon WI

March 11th at 6 PM

Everyone Welcome

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If Congress was representing the people, putting patriotism above partisanship, this meeting wouldn't be needed.
Time for the people to get informed and get involved.

Our Constitution is being trampled by rouge politicians, and judges, and they are out of control. The Convention can address those issues, and some others. The immediate threat is the size of our U.S. Supreme Court, that must be preserved, not stacked with people who have an agenda of violating our American Constitution. Please work hard for the Convention, this is our last hope!

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