Drag Show Resolution to Amend WI Statute

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Drag Show Resolution to Amend WI Statute

February 06, 2023 - 20:36
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The following resolution passed unanimously...

WHEREAS, there has been an increased trend in Wisconsin to put on drag shows for all ages of people including for children. Simulated sex acts and sexually provocative movements in sexual attire are being performed in front of children at many of these shows. Sometimes even schools will advertise these shows for students to attend; and,

WHEREAS, the sexual content of these drag shows has the effect of grooming a child because viewing sexually explicit material or performances teaches a child to interact in a sexual way with others. It does not matter if this is done unintentionally.
WHEREAS, allowing children to view sexually explicit or suggestive material in any form is a form of childhood sexual abuse as defined in Stewards of Children in the Darkness to Light curriculum of training for adults who have charge of children in established organizations; and,

WHEREAS, since there is already a State Statute in Wisconsin that addresses this behavior but does not explicitly protect children,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the La Crosse County Republican Party will seek that, in Wisconsin, shows that have sexually explicit content be against the law to allow children to be a part of the audience.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLOVED that the Republican Party of La Crosse County call on the Wisconsin Legislature to amend WI Statute 944.21 as underlined:
Obscene material or performance.
(2) In this section:
(d) "Obscene performance" means a live exhibition before an audience which:
3. Lacks serious literary, artistic, political, educational or scientific value, if taken as a whole.
(e) "Sexual conduct" means the commission of any of the following: sexual intercourse, sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, human excretion, masturbation, sadism, masochism, fellatio, cunnilingus or lewd exhibition of human genitals unclothed or clothed, uncovered or covered, and at no time or place any of these listed here be in the presence of persons under the age of adulthood.

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I lean a bit libertarian, but I am 100 percent in favor of protecting our children. And to clarify that, I am in favor of incarceration for anyone who violates these principles. This is not about any kind of freedom, this is about protecting our young impressionable children.

The weirdos can carry on in private when children are not present. And also keep it out of the face of our citizens, stay off the television, etc.

The following resolution (was) passed unanimously... by the La Crosse Republican Party at their most recent caucus.

The last statement is the proposed amendment as here below beginning after human genitals

unclothed or clothed, uncovered or covered, and at no time or place any of these listed here be in the presence of persons under the age of adulthood.

There is a peaceful protest on public land (sidewalk) scheduled for the evening of Valentine's Day beginning at 5:45 - 7pm for those interested in protesting the "For All Ages Appropriate Drag Show" at the Bronze Dragon, 200 Main Street Suite 101, La Crosse, WI.

All Ages Appropriate Drag Shows? There is no such thing as appropriate for all ages.
Morals Matter

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