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Stop the Mandate - Gundersen

September 26, 2021 - 12:26
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Dear Friends,

we will have a crises soon in our community.... in fact sounds like to some extent we already do!

it's not just nurses that are leaving, its the cleaning staff, food staff, etc. etc. It's already reaching crises mode.

I talked to a Gundersen hospital staff member today, he told me a patient waited 3 hours for supper. Wait time in the ER is gonna be a long time, the hospital has barely any cleaning staff left ... it's bad... and looks like it's only gonna get worse...

Is our community aware? I'm not sure how they would be. Will mainstream media report about this accurately?

I talked to another friend on the others side of the state, her husband is on the maintenance staff at a local hospital. They usually have 12 on staff. Right now they have 4 and 2 more just gave their notice! The surgery assistant, was out mowing the lawn, and would come in to shower before heading into the OR.

If you want to read an internal letter written from some of the nursing staff I have permission to share that, it's an 11 page letter I can send as an attachment.

If you do not want to receive this type of info, and I've made an error by sending this, I'm sorry, please let me know and I will make the correction.

I am *not* telling anyone to not get the vaccine, Covid is real, I'm not a denier, many have had the vaccine to protect loved ones or oneself.

It's an individual choice people have to make for themselves.

I believe these mandates are unconstitutional. The vaccine mandates have the potential to create utter havoc in our society, if we lose our best doctors, nurses, hospital staff, & military. How long before they mandate to first responders / fire fighters, police, teachers, etc. Some cities like LA are already implementing this. How bad does it have to get? What will make it stop?

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There is a great deal of discussion here, but here is what I feel is important when it comes to the constitutional side of this. Gundersen is a private business, and they can determine who is employed and who is not. Lots of people may disagree with that, but if Gundersen feels this is important, then they are the ones who makes the payroll. Yes it gets a bit touchy when forcing medical procedures on people, so this will be a mess that will not go away easily.

I agree that privately owned businesses have the right to their own hiring and firing practices, however, they do not have the right to violate the Civil Liberties of their employees and they do not have the right to violate their employee contracts. These medical professionals have every right to sue Gundersen for violations of their privacy rights and for violating their employee contracts which never indicated a need to have vaccinations before they were hired. In my view, Gundersen is in violation of the contract they agreed to with these employees and they are in violation of basic Civil Liberties and the consequences should be severe so as to be an example for all other companies to never do this again.

Seems to me that Gundersen is being forced to make the mandates stick. Healthcare facilities take federal dollars. Coercion is happening. If Gundersen were free to make their own private decisions, I believe they would want to continue providing the best care they could like they have for so many years in the past. And that would mean keeping all they good employees.

Perhaps if they had the courage to defy the Marxists in the government... The admins at Gundersen need to take a hard look in the mirror and decide: who do they serve? The government bureaucrats or the people coming to them for medical services? This is EXACTLY why many conservatives were against the politicization of medicine when Obamacare was being promoted. Why should a medical professional need to get any permission from a government pencil neck when it comes to the best approach for providing medical services to the community?

Glad that health care systems are mandating COVID vaccinations. It’s no different than mandating any other vaccination. Good work, Gundersen!

First, what other vaccinations are mandated as a condition of employment? Never in my life have I heard of such a thing.

Second, other vaccinations such as Measles and Mumps are real vaccinations and provide immunity. The COVID vaccines do not have long term studies but the short term studies are beginning to show that they are not nearly as effective.

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