God the Father is beautifully and purposefully represented in the role of our earthly fathers

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God the Father is beautifully and purposefully represented in the role of our earthly fathers

June 29, 2024 - 09:51
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As a child, many of us were likely guilty of overlooking how blessed we were by our father’s role in our lives. Their strength, companionship, wisdom, and love are so vital in the healthy development of both boys and girls. Dedicated fathers teach their daughters what to look for in a husband, and how women ought to be treated by the men who love them. Similarly, fathers teach their sons how to be those good husbands, and to respect and admire godly women. More than that, fathers are the spiritual leaders of the household, and assume the primary responsibility for the spiritual upbringing of their children. God the Father is beautifully and purposefully represented in the role of our earthly fathers.

Sierra Cochran, WFA’s Digital Director & LEAD Wisconsin Director, recently shared the following memory of her father:

“My dad is a common do-it yourself kind of guy. I don’t know where he learned all of the skills considering the rest of our family is not so handy, but often my childhood entailed helping dad with some kind of fix-it job. My dad taught me all the different tool names, how to change numerous parts on a car, how to mud and sand drywall, and so much more. He rarely paid someone else to fix something. If he didn’t know how to get the job done, he watched a YouTube video to learn!

My dad taught me to work hard, the usefulness of YouTube, to not quit, and a good bit of independence. Though I wasn’t always grateful for the many hours spent in the garage, I am grateful for the things I learned from my dad during them.”

Fathers, and father-figures, provide perspectives and experiences that are vital to children and often unique to manhood. They instill strength, independence, character, and many other attributes that are sorely lacking in many of today’s youth. If you’re thankful for your dad and his role in your life, please consider donating to our flash match campaign as a way to give public honor to the man who raised you.

Your contribution today not only doubles with our matching grant opportunity, but it tells us that you stand with us, that you are committed, just as we are, to supporting fathers and their essential role in the family unit.

As our flash match comes to a close, please consider contributing today!

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