President Trump Holds off a Pack of Bullies in the CNN Debate

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President Trump Holds off a Pack of Bullies in the CNN Debate

June 29, 2024 - 09:55
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It was 3 Democrats versus one Republican on Thursday night as President Trump debated President Biden and the CNN moderators.

By my count, 12 questions were asked on topics that CNN knew would help President Biden’s campaign. Only 5 questions were asked that were remotely critical of President Biden’s policies and disastrous results.

This was a rigged debate from start to finish. It started with the rigged rules. It continued with the anti Trump moderators. Then CNN closed the deal with Biden by asking questions that were clearly chosen to help his campaign.

Even with all of those forces aligned to take him out, President Trump still did a very good job of standing up for the people of the United States. He articulated that many of the moms and dads in our communities are struggling to afford groceries because of bidenomics. He lamented the Biden policies that are getting our young people hooked on drugs and the epidemic of overdose deaths. He condemned the Biden policies that are flooding illegals across our border and forcing our communities into bankruptcy. He mourned the senseless loss of our military personnel when Biden ordered the reckless retreat from Afghanistan.

Just compare how each of the candidates prepared for this debate: While Biden was hunkering down with his campaign snobs and elitist friends, Trump was out visiting with the people around the nation at campaign rallies all this week.

This is shaping up to be a historic election cycle. I can't wait until the next debate.

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They generally tried to stifle Trump, but they had agreed to leave his microphone open for his time and they did. That allowed Trump the ability to respond, and he did. Poor Trump was so stunned by Biden's delusions, that he staired in wonder at the blundering imbecile, I even sensed some sympathy a time or two. The huge disappointment was that the media came out and said that all Trump's comments were lies, but that was not true, he might have embellished a bit at times, but he had no lies.

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