January 2023

Bill lowers threshold for felony theft

January 11, 2023 - 20:11

MADISON — Losses from retail theft have soared over the past several years, a problem exacerbated by soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges. Wisconsin has a Supreme Court justice candidate who, has suggested that shoplifters who steal from “big box” retailers shouldn’t be aggressively prosecuted.

State Sen. Andre Jacque says his bill lowering Wisconsin’s threshold for felony theft is in response to the increasing brazenness of criminals and the kid glove treatment they’ve gotten from some prosecutors and judges like Dane County’s Everett Mitchell.

Democracy in Action

January 08, 2023 - 07:29

It was a very busy week. I was so occupied with an important project at work all week that I didn't have a chance to follow any of the news regarding the effort to elect our next Speaker of the House of Representatives. It wasn't until Friday after work that I finally had an opportunity to click through the various news networks and listen to them blather on and on. After enduring more than enough of their mis-characterizations I watched the action LIVE on C-SPAN and here are my takeaways from the whole process: