Democracy in Action

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Democracy in Action

January 08, 2023 - 07:29
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It was a very busy week. I was so occupied with an important project at work all week that I didn't have a chance to follow any of the news regarding the effort to elect our next Speaker of the House of Representatives. It wasn't until Friday after work that I finally had an opportunity to click through the various news networks and listen to them blather on and on. After enduring more than enough of their mis-characterizations I watched the action LIVE on C-SPAN and here are my takeaways from the whole process:

  • Most importantly, I recommend that everyone STOP watching the news networks. They are so full of crap all the time and just over dramatizing reality in an effort to sell advertising. Even my favorite podcasters were going way over the line of reality with their emotionally charged over dramatizations. Yes, they are reporting news but they coat it with so many assumptions and mis-characterizations that I have to filter out in order to get to the truth.
  • Have you ever heard the saying about how everyone loves to eat sausage but no one wants to watch the process of making it? Politics is definitely like that and thank God for it. I love it when government has checks and balances. I even love gridlock because it can help protect WE THE PEOPLE from having our rights violated. What we witnessed last week were INDIVIDUAL members of Congress who stood by their principles and fought for what they believe to be in the best interest of the country. Leftists call that chaos because they prefer the bully tactics that Pelosi used to FORCE everyone into her single-minded way of thinking. Have you forgotten when Pelosi with the help of Marxists like Ron Kind bullied every Democrat into passing Obamacare?
  • Democrats are 100% Marxist and operate in a hive-minded fashion to do anything their leadership demands of them. While watching C-SPAN I was amazed at the body language of the Democrat members who appeared like drones all following the orders of their master. I am more convinced than ever that the Democrat Party will be the primary vehicle for the collapse of our nation into a dictatorship IF WE allow them to stay in power.
  • We soooo need a Convention of States to elevate the power of the people back where it belongs.

What are your thoughts about the historic process we witnessed? Leave your comments below.

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Yes, the Networks pushed the story that the Republicans can't get along and will fail now that they have had this public squabble.
The Republican party needed to have some discussion on what we stand for and where we are going in America. I am glad this is over, but not sad we got a chance to discuss important perspectives of party leaders.

One note I have on this topic is that we are NOT a Democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. So it is not democracy in action, but representative constitutional governance in action...although I know it doesn't roll of the tongue in quite the same way. :)

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