Bill lowers threshold for felony theft

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Bill lowers threshold for felony theft

January 11, 2023 - 20:11
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MADISON — Losses from retail theft have soared over the past several years, a problem exacerbated by soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges. Wisconsin has a Supreme Court justice candidate who, has suggested that shoplifters who steal from “big box” retailers shouldn’t be aggressively prosecuted.

State Sen. Andre Jacque says his bill lowering Wisconsin’s threshold for felony theft is in response to the increasing brazenness of criminals and the kid glove treatment they’ve gotten from some prosecutors and judges like Dane County’s Everett Mitchell.

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Discipline is not a word we encourage nowadays. Society takes a daily beating from those who feel they can break the law and rules in a civil society. We must understand that most of these low-life thugs only get caught on rare occasions, and when they do they get a slap on the wrist and get back out there to re-offend.

The term "misplaced compassion" comes to mind, so many in law-making think we should be nice to those who resort to thievery. We need to make it clear that when caught they will pay a heavy price. My price would be a long jail sentence, with bread and water, no TV, and no niceties of any kind. Crime pays, and we need to start discouraging that.

By the way, our Constitution says no cruel and unusual punishment, I think that is wonderful, my punishment is not even close to cruel and unusual, it is appropriate. It is time to have compassion for the rule followers in society!

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