Wisconsin Supreme Court Puts Party Above the Law

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Puts Party Above the Law

July 06, 2024 - 11:48
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The Democrat majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Friday that their previous ruling (just 2 years ago) outlawing ballot drop boxes was incorrect and they overturned that decision. Now it will be legal again for Democrats to use drop boxes to rig our elections. What has changed in the last 2 years? Well, the only thing that changed is that there is now a majority of Democrats on the Supreme Court. You see, two years ago there was a balance with common sense in the majority.

Here's the wording that the Democrat justices wrote into their recent ruling that re-authorized the illegal practice of using drop boxes to collect absentee ballots:

...that clerks may lawfully utilize secure drop boxes in an exercise of their statutorily-conferred discretion.

  • How will clerks define “secure?”
  • How will they exercise their “discretion?” What does that even mean?
  • Will Democrat clerks place drop boxes in the dorms, welfare offices and at homeless shelters and parks to try and get more votes from Democrats who patronize those facilities?
  • What if Republican clerks place drop boxes at gun stores, churches, and private school lobbies?

The Democrats in the Wisconsin Supreme Court have opened a terrible new Pandora’s Box of rigged election results and they are systematically eroding the confidence voters have in the election process. Here's what the law, passed by the Legislature, states:

The envelope shall be mailed by the elector, or delivered in person, to the municipal clerk issuing the ballot or ballots.

Two years ago, in the Teigen ruling, the common sense majority that existed then ruled that the above language meant what it said. It was NOT legal to have a drop box for ballots because the law does not allow it. Ballots must be '...delivered in person to the municipal clerk...'

As you can see from the plain wording in the law, the Teigen ruling was the correct one. How much mental gymnastics do Democrats perform in order to twist the meaning of ‘...delivered in person, to the municipal clerk…’ to mean they can have a drop box? It must be exhausting for them or perhaps they are simply hanging out with Hunter and following drug-induced notions.

Also note that it ‘...shall be mailed by the elector…’ meaning that it is illegal to have a mule harvest ballots so why haven't there been any prosecutions of the Democrats who participated in that practice during the 2020 election?

Of course we all know the answer, because they are Democrats and Democrats can commit any crime they want without consequences.

What would happen if Republicans operated a harvesting campaign? What if Republican activists went door to door helping absentee voters complete and sign their ballots then deliver them to a local drop box on behalf of the voter?

God bless Justice Rebecca Bradley for her dissent where she comes right out and says what is on everyone’s mind:

The majority again forsakes the rule of law in an attempt to advance its political agenda.

The majority ends the term by loosening the legislature's regulations governing the privilege of absentee voting in the hopes of tipping the scales in future elections.

If this is how Democrats in the Supreme Court and lower courts are going to manipulate the laws that are passed by the Legislature then I am leaning toward supporting the effort of completely banning the absentee voting system in order to restore the integrity of our elections. Democrats are rigging the elections by manipulating our legal system and completely disregarding the will of the people exercised through our representatives in the Legislature.

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They have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and don't simply to satisfy their agenda. That is a very serious offense, that we overlook. These people are hypocrites and repulsive.

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