Respond to Gender Pronoun Requests by Using Personal Convictions

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Respond to Gender Pronoun Requests by Using Personal Convictions

March 02, 2023 - 21:40
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We are living in an upside-down world where the left-wing LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE-DEMOCRAT-DEEP STATE is attempting to reinvent our world into its own likeness. They are discarding the values and Christian traditions which have guided society for centuries and are replacing them with their own woke ideas and values. Many of the new woke societal changes are extreme. Some are even considered perversions under our traditional value system.

The idea of being “woke” originated within the Black Lives Matter movement. Originally it referred to someone who was “actively attentive” to issues of supposed racial and social injustice. Next the term was co-opted into the LBGTQ+ movement. For them “woke” identifies its participants, as well as anyone else who is in accord with their teachings. Over time the meaning has further expanded so that in today’s vernacular being woke includes anyone who is fully left-wing (on the political spectrum). It also applies to others who have been deceived into accepting leftist woke values and culture without question.

In this article readers will be provided a double-edged communication tool which will allow users to reject WOKE-ISM at the same time they affirm and declare their personal convictions.
Modern gender identity is a spin-off of the woke agenda. It was created and is used by the LGBTQ+ movement. They consider gender identity to be the expression of a person’s sense of who they are and how they identify themselves. LBGTQ+ proponents believe that any person can create a new gender “identity” which can be different from their biological birth-gender. This transition can happen seemingly by an individual just willing this new personal gender identity into existence. Thus initiating a gender-transition from their inherent genetic make-up into a new gender they wish to acquire. Advocates of this viewpoint have identified more than 80 new “genders” and “gender identities” so far.

The term “gender pronoun” is a concept that LGBTQ+ educators have created to help them normalize and mainstream the 80+ new genders. Advocates also use gender pronouns as a means of communicating their new genders to others. Gender pronouns also help integrate the new gender concept onto society at large. The shaded rows in the Table 1 below show some examples of the newly devised woke gender pronouns.

LGBTQ+ individuals at-large and those undergoing gender transitions often present outsiders with a subset of the gender pronouns like those found in Table 1 above. The recipient is then instructed to use these gender pronouns as applicable when referring to that person (who had just presented their preferred gender pronouns). This can be unsettling to a recipient who is unfamiliar with, unwilling, or unprepared to carry out such a request.

This article will provide readers with a tool which will help them respond and reciprocate when placed in just such a situation. In the same way that woke gender pronoun users let you know what is important to them (i.e., their new gender lifestyle), you can create a tool that will let others know those things that are most important in your life (i.e., your Christian values).

The word pronoun, in its simplest form, is a word which is substituted for a noun (or noun phrase). By using this elementary definition, while tweaking the word pronoun slightly and turning it into (pro)(noun), a whole new a concept for a pronoun is created. The prefix pro- means “supporting or approving of something”. A noun is defined as a person, place, or thing. Hence a (pro)(noun) is defined as a person, place, or thing of which someone approves.

Each reader is encouraged to create their own personalized list of (pro)(nouns). The actual development of the list can be a very self-searching and empowering experience. A person preparing this list will be affirming their personal convictions. When someone reads your list, they will be able understand the essence of who you are and those concepts which you hold most dear to your heart. Following, as a starting point (by way of an example), is the author’s list of (pro)(nouns):

My Personal (Pro)(Nouns):
Pro-U.S.A. (MAGA)

Using the format from the list above as a template, readers can then re-create and individualize a list containing personal convictions that are most important to you. This example list has nineteen different (pro)(nouns). That amount is only a preference. Your list could have as few or as many as needed to send the message you want to convey.

Once completed, some suggested uses for your list would be:
1) As detailed above it can be used for you to reciprocate when a woke individual presents their gender pronoun list to you.
2) You can incorporate your list into your signature block at the end of emails and correspondence after your signature.
3) You can place it on an article of clothing to wear to applicable public or private gatherings.

When responding to a request for your pronouns, selected items from your list of (pro)(nouns) can be designated as “preferred” (pro)(nouns) to meet different situations. For example (using the list above), if you are involved in a discourse with woke abortion advocates, after being presented with their preferred pronouns, you might reciprocate with “pro-life” and “pro-family’ as your preferred pronouns. If you are at a forum to debate woke atheists that have requested your pronouns, “pro-God”, “pro-Bible”, or “pro-Church” might be preferred. If you are at a conference with woke hospital administrators and have been handed a name tag on which you are to insert your preferred pronouns, “pro-informed consent” and “pro-no mandates” may be applicable to be placed on the tag. The combinations can be tailored as needed to fit any number of specific situations.

In conclusion, the LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE-DEMOCRAT-DEEP STATE (including LBGTQ+ individuals) using their woke gender pronouns never miss a chance to impose their ungodly values and beliefs upon those whom they consider not to be woke. If the woke agenda of our day is to be overcome, we must use every means at our disposal to counter it. If not, we each shall become woke by default. To stand against becoming woke, you are invited to prepare your own list of (pro)(nouns). Let them serve as your banner, testimony, and guide for you to affirm, reciprocate, and demonstrate your personal convictions. Do all you can to overcome woke-ism because those pushing woke-ism are most certainly trying to overcome you. Your (pro)(nouns) should be an outgrowth of your faith in Christ and that faith is the victory that overcomes the world!

Bruce Kaufman, the author of this article, considers himself to be an everyman. His testimony is that of a wretched sinner who has been redeemed by the wonderful grace of our God and Savior. Things most important to him are found in his personal (pro)(nouns) list used as an example in the article above. Feedback is welcomed. Contact Bruce at

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Bruce starts out talking about Christian values. I would like to encourage those values, but change them to the 'Ten Commandments" If we do that then I think almost all decent human beings would have to say, yes those are good rules to follow.

Having said that, Bruce is right in his observation, we are being treated like we are the problem, and like we are wrong in our traditional lifestyles. We did not start this distorted agenda, we are just defending our values. If they did not get in our faces and on our TV, I would not be writing this. They have attacked our children, and that is when I stand up and fight back.

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