A Win For The American People

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A Win For The American People

June 03, 2023 - 07:34
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I decided to vote for the bill last week. The Fiscal Responsibility Act cuts over $2 trillion in government spending while protecting seniors, veterans, farmers, and those most in need by lifting them out of poverty. We responsibly raised the debt ceiling, made sure the United States didn’t default on our debt, and stopped Washington’s out-of-control inflationary spending.

There is a lot of talk about what is not in the Fiscal Responsibility Act. I want to tell you what is in the bill:

  • Full funding for veterans’ benefits and Social Security and Medicare
  • Cuts over $2 trillion in government spending
  • Reforms to SNAP that protect our most vulnerable while getting Americans back to work
  • Requirements for borrowers to pay off their own student loans
  • Nixed staffing funding request for 87,000 new IRS agents

My mission upon arriving to DC was to represent the 750,000 residents of Wisconsin’s Third District, whether you agree with me on every issue or not. This is just the beginning to the reforms we need to make our government work for you, but it’s a good start that will help put an end to the bloated spending that got us here in the first place. It’s a win for those concerned about DC corruption and executive overreach, but more importantly, for the people of Wisconsin and America.

If you have thoughts or concerns on this or any other issue, please do not hesitate to contact my office. We work for you.

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I disagree with Derrick on this one. I agree with Ron Johnson who articulated that the original bill that Derrick and the House passed was the right one. This compromise bill contains too much waste and too many exceptions to allow for even more irresponsible spending. I'm disappointed that the GOP leadership didn't stand by their original bill and force the president and the Democrats to do the right thing.

Having said that, let me be clear in stating my continued support of Derrick. He had to make a tough call and had the courage to take it head on. I simply wish he and his House colleagues would have fought for their original bill. I add this caveat because lying idiots in the media will say we are in a GOP civil war if we dare to respectfully disagree with one another.

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