Vote like democracy depends on it

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Vote like democracy depends on it

March 30, 2023 - 05:30
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Next Tuesday, April 4th, citizens of Wisconsin should participate in the nonpartisan Spring Election where the most important choice is for a new Justice for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There will be three ballot questions and numerous local races, but the one with the most impact on the future of the State of Wisconsin will be the Supreme Court contest.

There will be two candidates on the ballot and these are the two that received the most votes in the February nonpartisan primary. This has been reported as the most expensive state Supreme Court election in the history of the United States. There have been millions of dollars poured into this election from out of state. You have undoubtedly seen (or heard) the advertisements the past several weeks. Ignore the advertisements and consider some basic facts.

First, the qualifications for Supreme Court Justice are the same as the qualifications for Appeals Court Judge and Circuit Court Judge. Qualifications are found in Article VII, Section 24, of the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin. Requirements are being an attorney licensed to practice law in Wisconsin for a minimum of five years immediately prior to election or appointment. Both candidates appear to meet this minimal qualification.

Next, to understand the position these candidates are seeking, we need a short course in the Wisconsin judicial system.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the highest court, has final authority on all Wisconsin Constitutional matters, and has regulatory and administrative authority over the practice of law in Wisconsin. There are seven justices. They do not take testimony but instead rely on written briefs and oral arguments. Normally, all seven justices will consider a case.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has four districts with a total of 16 judges. This court has appellate jurisdiction with a primary function to correct errors that happen in tne circuit court. Normally a three judge panel will sit on a case. They do not take testimony but instead rely on court records, written briefs, and oral arguments only if the judges decide they are needed.

The Circuit Court –often referred to as the County Court—is the trial court of general jurisdiction. There are 69 circuit courts in Wisconsin; one for each county except in three case two counties share a circuit. Most circuits have multiple judges based on case load; each judge working alone in a branch. Jury trials are only held in Circuit Courts.

Clarification is probably needed considering the terms “judge” and “justice”. A judge by definition forms an opinion after thorough and careful weighing of the evidence. And, if it is a jury trial the jury forms the opinion while the judge manages or controls the court room activities. Justice, on the other hand, is the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims. Justice is a principal that like cases should be treated alike. Justice assures the word of law and procedures are followed. Justice requires a lot of reading, writing, and research. Neither role allows the imposition of personal likes or dislikes.

Justice Daniel Kelly is the clear choice for Justice of the Supreme Court in the April 4th election. With four years on the Supreme Court he has experience as a justice. He has also been a law clerk (two different opportunities), a special prosecutor, an author of a manual on legislative oversight, and has a wealth of private practice. I have watched their only debate and listened to what his opponent’s supporters say she will do if elected. He will uphold the law. His opponent, Judge Janet Protasiewicz, is currently a Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge and was previously an Assistant District Attorney. While she meets the requirements of a judge, I have grave doubts about her ability as a justice.

On April 4th I will vote for Justice Daniel Kelly to be the next justice on Wisconsin’s Supreme Court. You need to exercise your right to vote, but first decide if you will vote for the justice or the judge. Vote like democracy depends on it, and it does!

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How many of you know why the left-wing money is pouring in from outside of Wisconsin? This is simple, and potentially devastating to America and our Republic. They think that this will ultimately lead to a redo of our political districts leading to turning Wisconsin into a leftwing utopia and a constant source of all of our electoral College votes. Socialism is evil, and they can't shoot us, so they have to try to buy us out. If we lose control of our Supreme Court, we lose our ability to keep our State Constitution intact, the only glue for maintaining our Rights, freedom, and sustainability.

As Webster says "Vote like democracy depends on it, and it does!"

This upcoming election has grave consequences for the state of Wisconsin. There is a group of citizens in this country that never have their voices heard. They are oppressed, they are marginalized, they are dehumanized, and they are subjected to the whims and wishes of a more privileged class. For too long these citizens have been silenced before they have been able to utter a single word. It is time for us to take a stand for this oppressed group of Americans and Wisconsinites. The group I am referring to is the unborn. It is estimated that more than 63 million of our fellow citizens have been murdered since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. That is over 10 times the amount of people killed in the Holocaust! Since the landmark overturn of Roe v. Wade last year, the Wisconsin law of 1849 banning abortions in Wisconsin is no longer encumbered. With this election, some are trying to repeal this ban and subject our most vulnerable to victimization again. How much longer will this country last if we continue to embrace this culture of death? How will we flourish and thrive again as a state if we continue to snuff out the lives of our children? Will we continue to be blind to this atrocity, or will you do something about it? Vote to keep the ban. Vote for Pro-Life candidates. We must stop rebelling against God and stand up for righteousness in Wisconsin.

The Declaration of Independence recognizes the unalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and the Constitution explicitly protects life and liberty.

So for those of you who ask "when does life begin?" This is simple, it begins at conception, if it did not begin then, you would not have to kill it! You don't like my comments? Maybe I can make it a bit more real for you by saying you are fortunate your mother did not see it as you do!

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