The Violent, Radical Riots Must Stop

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The Violent, Radical Riots Must Stop

June 27, 2020 - 07:46
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Liberal protesters and rioters all across America have showcased their true agenda. They want to create violence and destruction in our communities.

Right here in Wisconsin, violent anarchists physically assaulted Democratic State Senator Tim Carpenter, leaving him badly injured.

They ignorantly destroyed the monument to Colonel Heg, a Union soldier that lost his life leading troops into battle to abolish slavery. They also destroyed the Lady Forward statue--a symbol of our state's progress created by Madison native, Jean Pond Miner.

These destructive rioters must face penalties. We are not Minneapolis, Seattle or Washington, D.C. We are in Wisconsin, where American values run to our core.

Our current Democratic congressman, Ron Kind, has yet to call out these egregious acts. We need someone who will stand up for what is right in Wisconsin and in America.

I’m Jessi Ebben. I’m running for Congress to represent you, our community and our Wisconsin values.

On August 11, vote Jessi Ebben in the Republican Primary.

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America is in the middle of a battle of race relations. Protesters are not making good decisions when they push for destruction of any figure of history. It is time to use facts and reason when condemning people who have worked for or against just treatment of all races. Law enforcement needs to be very firm when dealing with thugs and violent people who are being destructive. By not crushing this behavior, they are encouraging it. Peaceful protest must never be stifled, but we must maintain order. Great point Jessi!

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