Protecting Consumer Choice

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Protecting Consumer Choice

April 21, 2023 - 16:23
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On Tuesday, Republicans voted in favor of two bills prohibiting state and local governments from banning the use or sale of a motor vehicle or other devices based on the power source. These bills would prohibit bans on both gas-powered AND electric vehicles and devices in the name of consumer choice.

Across the country we are seeing cities, states, and more than 100 local governments implementing these types of bans. The state of California was the first to ban the sale of new vehicles with gas-powered engines by 2035, and now six other states are following suit. Minnesota has proposed banning gas stoves and even ice rink resurfacing machines, also known as Zambonis.

Wisconsin has over 64,000 farms, without the gas-powered equipment required to produce over $11 billion worth of commodities, the rate of production would be substantially affected and the cost for consumers would skyrocket.

Whether you choose gas or electric is a consumer choice, not one that should be mandated by the government.

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We must be very careful to not tie our hands, and force a disaster by mandated government demands that may or may not be ready for Prime Time.

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