Just one nursing home

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Just one nursing home

October 31, 2021 - 10:42
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Just one nursing home. In just one community.

In just one Wisconsin county.

Yet, this one example is a bombshell for anyone who wants clean, fair elections.

This past week Racine County Sheriff Chris Schmaling released details of an investigation into potential voter fraud … and he called on current Attorney General Josh Kaul to launch a statewide investigation. The Sheriff’s investigation revealed nursing home staff may have illegally assisted residents with cognitive disorders in filling out absentee ballots.

I agree with Sheriff Schmaling that an investigation must to be conducted.

So, what was Kaul’s response to Sheriff Schmaling’s request?

Kaul turned his back on law enforcement … he refused to investigate credible allegations of voter fraud on an issue of statewide importance.

It’s painfully obvious, Josh Kaul is simply a partisan hack, not the state’s ‘top cop’.

We need to fight back.

And, the best way to fight back in a democracy is to win the next election.

That’s why I am asking you today to donate to my campaign, so we can win in 2022.

Josh Kaul is too busy playing politics by suing the DNR Board and joining a partisan coalition to overturn Mississippi’s pro-life laws. He’s quick to engage in petty political gamesmanship and meanwhile there’s possible voter fraud taking place right under his nose.

Help me defeat Kaul and stamp out voter fraud.

I’m currently prosecuting a voter fraud case in Fond du Lac County … and when I’m elected attorney general, I will defend Wisconsin election laws and ensure our elections are clean and fair.

I’m proud of Sheriff Schmaling for stepping forward … and also I’m proud to have Sheriff Schmaling’s endorsement for Attorney General.

Will you help elect an Attorney General who will fight to stamp out voter fraud?

Will you help elect an Attorney General that respects our Constitution and the rule of law (not trample all over them as Josh Kaul does), fight for the unborn, and uphold our Second Amendment?

With your ‘Toney for Attorney General”, we’ll unleash an army of energetic, enthusiastic volunteers who will spread our “clean elections”, “tough on crime,” “Back the Blue” message far and wide.

We’ll win this campaign together, and I’ll be proud to have your support.

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For those who don't know it, or realize the importance of the State Attorney General, it is far more important than who the Governor is. When you have the top law enforcement official, who has a corrupt agenda you have no hope for for fair government.

Lets spend some money and some time getting an honorable person is this role.

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