First Responder of the Year

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First Responder of the Year

October 31, 2021 - 07:13
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I am honored to recognize Lieutenant Kelly Goetzke as First Responder of the Year for the 63rd Assembly District. Residents of Racine County are grateful for his dedication and I want to thank him for his service as a leader in the Sheriff’s Office.

Lieutenant Goetzke works tirelessly at the Racine County Sheriff’s Office to ensure training standards are not only met, but exceeded by working with leaders throughout the department. He is a team leader on the department’s SWAT team and played a vital role in leading the Crowd Control Team through the historic civil unrest in Southeastern Wisconsin in 2020.

Additionally, Lieutenant Goetzke played a critical role in the countywide collection and distribution of PPE throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. His efforts helped ensure those in critical need of PPE had the necessary supplies to keep their employees safe while providing necessary services. He sets a great example for the deputies and officers he works with and his dedication to the department is evident on a daily basis.

There were 97 “First Responder of the Year” honorees, all with stories of bravery, dedication and service. These award recipients represent all types of first responders – firefighters, police officers, sheriff deputies and EMTs.

These first responders truly are heroes. They are the people who run toward the danger to protect and serve our communities.

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Many don't think much about them until they need one, so most of them go very unappreciated. They respond time after time, do the critical work for helping people in need, and quite often provide life saving actions. They put up with lots of very difficult people and situations, and keep on responding. They are a remarkable asset to all of our communities.

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