First Bills Proposed

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First Bills Proposed

January 14, 2023 - 08:24
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This week, I proposed two congressional amendments and one bill – delivering on my promise to enact real change in Washington and marking my first legislation introduced as a Member of Congress.

We need smaller government, not more debt to pay for more government overreach–and we need more elected officials who feel called to serve the People, not enrich themselves. My bills will stop forcing taxpayers to pay for bigger government and close the revolving door between the Capitol and K Street.

My Balanced Budget Amendment will prohibit Congress from incurring more debts than revenue during each fiscal year and require a balanced budget within ten years.

Additionally, the Term Limits Amendment will impose term limits on members of Congress amounting to six terms for members of the House of Representatives and two terms for U.S. Senators, while the Ban Congressmen Lobbyists Act will prohibit members of Congress from serving as lobbyists.

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