Fact Check Podcast with Derrick van Orden

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Fact Check Podcast with Derrick van Orden

August 25, 2021 - 19:48
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Van Orden tried to find logic in this poor decision to leave without a plan. Somethings can not be explained or justified. Biden's agenda had one goal, not matter the cost or pain. To sum it up, his agenda was to undo what President Trump did, or in this case, to get out of this war like Trump did not do. Yes this is a huge mess, just like the Border, the pipeline, and he stabbed the Europeans in the back by allowing the Russian pipeline to move forward. Biden is a disgrace to America.

This is what you get when you elect people like Biden who are ONLY focused on politics and power. He doesn't care at all about the human beings forced to suffer as a direct result of his disastrous policies. All he cares about is petty political photo ops and keeping his Marxists in power in the Democrat Party. If he had any dignity or honor he would resign after this terrible fiasco that has set our foreign policy and national defense back 20-years and ruined the lives of so many.

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