Evers attacks religious liberty

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Evers attacks religious liberty

September 01, 2022 - 05:47
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Remember when donating to your church or a charity was considered a good thing?

Well, not anymore, according to Tony Evers and the liberal media.

They’re running hit pieces on Tim and the Christian causes he’s donated to, but what they’re really doing is putting a target on your religious liberty.

But Tim won’t be bullied by the left, and neither should you. Friend, will you stand with Tim and say NO to their anti-religious bigotry by signing this petition now?

If you want to keep Wisconsin a place where you can freely practice your religion without attacks from the left, please take a second to sign this important petition

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Ninety percent of decent people have standards consistent with Mickels donations, it is mostly the fringe of society who are offended. I will not work to interfere with their agenda, unless.......... They work to influence the young people of society, then I am done being nice. We are fortunate to have a candidate who stands up for the Ten Commandments!

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