DOJ special counsel report on President Biden

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DOJ special counsel report on President Biden

June 16, 2024 - 15:21
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You might recall that back in February, Robert Hur released a DOJ special counsel report on President Biden, revealing that he "willfully retained and disclosed classified materials."

Mr. Hur even criticized Biden’s handling of classified documents, noting that they were often found in “damaged” and “opened” containers, which he stated “presents serious risks to national security.”

However, despite this and despite charging President Trump with classified documents, the DOJ did not charge Joe Biden for harboring them because he was a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” and Mr. Hur believed that it would be hard for a jury to convict him due to his memory.

Before the report was even released, the Biden administration wrote a letter to Hur asking him to revise his report, and after the report was released, they claimed the report mischaracterized Joe Biden, with Vice President Harris going as far as saying that the report was “inaccurate.”

Therefore, if the Biden administration believed the report was wrong, you’d think they would want the audio of Hur’s interview with Biden to be released to set the record straight.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

Instead, Biden’s DOJ head Merrick Garland bucked a congressional subpoena to release the audiotapes and proceeded to instruct Joe Biden to exert executive privilege over the audio records so they could not be released to the American public.

If the transcript of the interview is accurate, why will the DOJ not release the audiotapes?

Clearly, something is not adding up – and this White House already has a real habit of altering transcripts.

As a result, the House voted to hold Attorney General Garland in contempt of Congress this week for refusing to comply with the subpoena. You can view the vote here.

It’s baffling that Democrats are refusing to turn over the audiotapes, particularly since every Democrat on the Judiciary Committee supported my legislation earlier this year, which mandates the DOJ to record all criminal defendant interviews. Regardless of this, I am committed to uncovering the truth.

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The media loves what they see in this anti-constitutional direction, and they are having fun with the torment of the hardworking honorable people who are struggling to save what is left of America.

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