CouleeConservatives 2023 Survey

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CouleeConservatives 2023 Survey

July 09, 2023 - 12:54
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Let me begin by expressing my humble gratitude to those who attended the 6th Annual Coulee Conservatives Night with the Loggers. It was a terrific ball game and an amazing fireworks show afterwards but most of the fun came from simply visting with fellow Coulee Conservatives. Elected officials and their staff were there along with many of us in the grassroots movement and we all had such wonderful conversations while enjoying ball game treats like burgers and brats. I can't wait to do it again next year!

Those who attended also took part in our 2023 survey. This survey is now officially opened to you as well but here is how the in-person voting turned out:

1. If the Republican primary for president were held today, who would you vote for

  • 50% chose Trump
  • 46% chose DeSantis

2. If the Republican primary for U.S. Senate were held today, who would you vote for?

  • 46% chose Tom Tiffany
  • 29% chose Kevin Nicholson
  • 1-vote was written in for our friend Julian Bradley

3. Select the 3 most important issues that must be addressed during the next election cycle

  • Election Integrity topped the charts with 50%
  • Weaponization of Bureacracy took 2nd place with 42%
  • The Economy, Education, and Justice Department Corruption all tied for 3rd place with 38% each

If you would like to participate in this unscientific straw poll as well then please visit this link for details.

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Although this survey was conducted some nine months before the Wisconsin's Presidential Primary and even longer before nomination papers are due for the US Senate Primary, there is information to be gleaned. For example, even though 50% of the respondents chose Trump, it is also true that 50% did not. And, in the Senate poll while Tiffany beat Nicholson 46% to 29%, a full 25% picked neither one.
Looking at a bigger picture, these numbers are comparable to the recent 2023 GOP Convention Straw Poll results when Trump gathered 52.6% to DeSantis getting 34.%. The difference was that 12 other candidates shared 13.4%. These numbers will change as the months go by. In the same US Senate straw poll Tiffany had 33.% while Nicholson had 16.2% but former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke placed between them with 17.8%; there were other candidates with significant votes; and the write-ins and "no votes" combined for 13%. Even though these numbers will change in the months to come there is data to be analyzed.
And, this latest survey identified election integrity and weaponization of government bureaucracy as a couple of critical issues for the 2024 election season.
If you don' t think things will change in the next nine months to a year, remember that now US Senator Johnson announced his campaign only weeks before nomination papers were due 13 years ago -- and he won on Primary Day and again on Election Day!

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