Caucus Season

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Caucus Season

January 27, 2022 - 16:58
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Grassroots across the state are now gathering in Republican Party caucuses. These are the decision-making meetings that guide individual county efforts. I go to as many as I can and I can tell you that GOP county parties are growing. More conservatives are running for local offices, signing up to be poll workers, and engaging in their kids’ education systems. To get involved in your county party, email

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I have lots of info on both of the leading Governor candidates, they are both exceptional. With their personal efforts, one of them will be our next Governor......if..... they concentrate on what they have to offer, and not attack each other. Please candidates, tell your story, your plan and work hard to do that. There is no need to say anything negative about any conservative, that is childish, and sickening. In the words of Ronald Reagan, lets act like Ladies and Gentlemen.

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