Candidates for the “Term Limits” Campaign Posters

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Candidates for the “Term Limits” Campaign Posters

March 09, 2024 - 23:14
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The frequent efforts concerning “Term Limits” at the national level are centered on the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Term limits could, and perhaps should, be considered for state legislators and locally elected government officials as well. The President of the United States is limited to two terms by the XXII Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and many states have various limits concerning their Governors.

This has been a hot topic for years. By sharing a few names you may have a better concern about term limits: the late Senator Feinstein of California, the former Speaker of the House Pelosi, and the current Senate Minority Leader McConnell come to mind.

This should not be confused with the age issue exhibited by the President but rather limited to the length of consecutive years a person spends in the same office.

I wrote on this issue about five and a half years ago just before the November 2018 election. I suggested at that time that Senator Baldwin and Representative Kind could be the poster politicians for the term limits campaign. Ron Kind has since retired from Congress but Senator Baldwin continues to march on after over a quarter century in Congress – 14 years in the House and 12 in the Senate. Previously she had been a state legislator for 8 years and on the Dane County Board before that.

With Ron Kind’s retirement, I have a new candidate for poster politician for the term limits campaign. State Representative Steve Doyle has been in the State Assembly since May of 2011 – a period of 13 years. But, this is dwarfed by his 38 years on the La Crosse County Board having been first elected in 1986.

This is wrong. Study your United States History, especially the parts “we the people” and “by the people”. The intent of the Founding Fathers was common citizen participation, not governed by career politicians and government bureaucrats. It is past time for the electors to replace these career politicians with some fresh faces; fresh ideas for a better, smaller, and more efficient government; and fresh experiences to base their actions upon. It is past time to replace these career politicians with regular citizens that have successful experience in commerce, industry, agriculture, or even education.

There are a few announced Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate to retire Senator Baldwin. In my opinion, two are worthy of mention. Eric Hovde is a highly successful investor and banker from Madison, with some financial interests in California, and appears to have the resources to finance his own campaign. The other good candidate is Stacey Klein of nearby Trempealeau County. Stacey is currently on the Trempealeau County Board, is a financial advisor, a wife and mother, and has been actively campaigning. She attended college in Wisconsin then lived and worked in the eastern part of the state before returning to Trempealeau County.

Mr. Doyle’s conservative opponent for County Board is Chris Muller who is a software engineer with a quarter century of experience solving problems, working with people, and involvement in the community. Muller will work to refocus the county’s priorities and invest resources on roads, other infrastructure, and safety.

More than putting pictures on a poster for term limits, look and learn what the late Paul Harvey would call “the rest of the story”. Today, five months until Primary Election Day, I would vote for Stacey Klein for U.S. Senate and encourage those in the right County Board District to vote for Chris Muller.

Term limits are a continuing topic of discussion because of people like Senator Baldwin and Steve Doyle. Senator Baldwin can be retired in November. Doyle’s constituents can vote him off the County Board in April and out of the Assembly in November. In each case, there are good and qualified candidates ready to take their place. Remember it is “We the people…” and please vote accordingly!

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Many say we have term limits, just vote out the duds! Oh, that does not work, if you look it up the incumbent has a remarkable chance to get reelected for all the wrong reasons. And for some reason, most career politicians seem to change their direction to a bigger and anti-constitutional philosophy. Some stay on course but most don't.

Yes, we need Term limits!

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