Calling out Kind's lack of commitment on the Vicki McKenna Show

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Calling out Kind's lack of commitment on the Vicki McKenna Show

October 24, 2020 - 08:10
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The reason we're winning is we're doing the job that a candidate is supposed to be doing. It's funny that you talked about this virtual rally. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Ron Kind are all phoning in this campaign because they're assuming they have this election in the bucket and they simply do not. Our district is 11,000 square miles, we have 18 whole and partial counties in it. I've been home I think 8 days in the last 9 weeks and that's what you've got to do because that's the job. Going out and meeting the people in the district, finding out what their real problems are, and then working on real solutions and when you get to DC, implementing real solutions. Biden hasn't been doing it for 47 years, Kind hasn't been doing it for 24 year, and I don't know how long Senator Harris has been in office but she clearly doesn't know that either. We're changing the way politics are being run in Western Wisconsin and we're going to get back to actually representing the people of this state because we can do better in Wisconsin and we're going to do better by getting Ron Kind out of office this election.

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Wrong Kind has coasted to victory for so many elections with the exception of Kapanke. That was close, but now he is squirming, and rightly so. The voters are done being snowed by his smile, and lies. Imagine, we are going to get some real representation in Washington!

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