Wisconsin needs workers - not waivers

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Wisconsin needs workers - not waivers

April 15, 2022 - 06:52
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As most readers know, I try to work at least one day per month with a business that serves the 24th Senate District. I do this to demonstrate the variety of prospects in Central Wisconsin and to see for myself the challenges and opportunities that businesses are facing.

Right now, there are more jobs available than unemployed people in the state of Wisconsin. Businesses across the state are feeling the crunch of a workforce shortage, yet the Governor's administration is still waiving work search and drug testing requirements for those receiving FoodShare benefits. These waivers may have made sense at the beginning of the pandemic, but they should have been reinstated months ago.

The government shouldn't pay those that can work not to work. That's why I authored a bill to put the work search and drug testing requirements back in place. This bill passed the Senate and the Assembly, and it was sent to the Governor yesterday. The success of a government program should not be the number of people on it, but the number of people we can help become self-sufficient.

Wisconsin needs workers - not waivers. Click here to view a video on getting WI back go work.

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