Will The La Crosse DA Press Charges?

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Will The La Crosse DA Press Charges?

August 24, 2021 - 12:26
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Will the Democrat District Attorney in La Crosse County press charges against Holmen School Board President (Democrat) Cheryl Hancock who proceeded to open discussion on an issue that was not part of the stated agenda for the meeting? Isn't that a violation of the open records laws? Or do Democrats get to play by their own set of rules?

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I am a 100 percent Constitution loving American. In the hope of moving on, here is my mediation comment on this subject. On my property, in my house, and on the street, I will do what I please. On private property or government property, I will do what is asked. Life is full of give and take, and this subject is dividing America again, and further. We have to start concentrating on saving America, that will lead us back to our Freedoms that we are losing daily.
To answer the question, no there will be no charges filed, this happens all the time, and gets swept under the rug. And it you think that is bad, you should see the abuse that goes on in "Closed Session" When I was on the Trempealeau County Board, I witness this often, and I usually would voted no, on whether to go into closed session.

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