What's in the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill

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What's in the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill

September 19, 2023 - 17:12
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While there is a lot of noise in Washington, DC, let me be clear about this: our U.S. military servicemembers are not bargaining chips. While my colleagues and I work to prevent a government shutdown, I have also been speaking out on the importance of passing the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, which fully funds our military and provides a historic pay raise to active-duty servicemembers.

Last week, I spoke in a press conference alongside my military veteran colleagues. As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL who relied on food assistance programs while deployed in combat zones, I know the difference that this pay increase will make for our military families.

Facts about the bill:

  • Includes a historic pay increase for junior enlisted servicemembers at an average of 30 percent, and an increase of 5.2 percent in basic pay for all military personnel.
  • Innovates and modernizes the military by investing in next-generation fighter aircraft, helicopters, tactical combat vehicles, and submarines.
  • Enhances DOD’s role in countering the flow of illicit fentanyl and synthetic opioids by providing $1.16 billion for the drug interdiction and counterdrug activities account, which is $275 million above the request, and increasing funding for train and equip programs.
  • Prohibits the implementation, administration, or enforcement of the Biden Administration’s executive orders on DEI.

Anyone who votes against this bill is voting against what’s best for our men and women in uniform. I will always stand up for them. You can watch my remarks at the press conference below, or read the Washington Examiner’s coverage here.

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We went from the firm hand of President Trump to the corrupt gutless lack of leadership of Biden and now the world is in a mess. Our strong military is the only thing that will prevent the world powers from taking our freedom, land, National parks, and everything else our ancestors preserved for us. We can spend a fortune on do-gooder programs, and idiotic policies, but they will end up killing America. We need to pass this Defence bill, and we must get the political correctness out of the military. Get the weak unstable people out, and get back to America first.

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