Vote against disastrous debt deal

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Vote against disastrous debt deal

June 03, 2023 - 08:04
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The original bill passed by the House to increase the debt ceiling contained the bare minimum of spending restraint and policy improvements. The original bill also increased the debt ceiling by a fixed dollar amount– $1.5 trillion. The Biden-McCarthy deal suspended the debt ceiling, and no one can tell for sure how much additional borrowing will occur as a result. Unfortunately, Democrats seem to have no problem mortgaging our children’s future and Republicans haven’t figured out a way to stop them. I’ve consistently voted against massive deficit spending, so I’ll let those who consistently support it vote to increase the debt ceiling to accommodate their recklessness.

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Ron is right! But the only real way we can save America is to elect more conservatives who get the big picture. Time is extremely important, the debt is building, and soon America will struggle to pay our bills, our grandchildren are being taxed and have no representation, a crime.

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