UPDATE: Primary for State Superintendent on Tuesday the 16th

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UPDATE: Primary for State Superintendent on Tuesday the 16th

February 12, 2021 - 09:58
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Last November I wrote a piece on the February 2021 Primary Election for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. At that point there were five candidates and the former West Salem Superintendent, Troy Gunderson, looked like a candidate worthy of further consideration. A significant consideration was his experience in and knowledge of the Coulee Region. Upon further consideration, I have learned more about Dr. Gunderson – both positive and negative. For example, I am not impressed with his political endorsements on his website.

Some seventy-five days later there are seven candidates. I now believe one of the original five is the best candidate for the future of public k-12 education in Wisconsin.

Dr. Deborah Kerr is a candidate with 40 years of experience in education which includes more than two decades as a Superintendent including both rural and urban settings. Dr. Kerr has experience in parochial, private, public, and charter schools. She supports school choice. Dr. Kerr has a plan to reopen public schools and ideas to improve education accomplishments for all the students. She believes that students and their parents are not being adequately served by public education and plans to partner with parents and community to make improvements. She has commented “Our kids deserve better!”

Dr. Kerr exudes leadership. She is a past president of both the Wisconsin and the national school superintendents associations. She is also Co-Chair of the UW System Task Force to Advance Teachers and Leaders into the Pipeline. She is a mentor and advocate for women leaders.

Dr. Kerr, through her many professional education experiences, sees the “big picture” required to dramatically improve Wisconsin’s public education. She has a record of accomplishments to make her goals a reality. One of her many goals is to improve the customer service at the Department of Public Instruction!

Dr. Kerr has conservative support in her quest for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Wisconsin Conservative Digest recently sent out an e-mail on behalf of Conservative Women of Wisconsin stating “Deb Kerr supports school choice, has a program to teach the kids to read, supports reopening our schools, and has a record on closing the achievement gap.” She recently attended the Republican Party of Monroe County Lincoln Day Dinner where she was introduced by State Senator Howard Marklein (R-17th).

More information about Dr. Deborah Kerr, the best pick for Wisconsin’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, can be found at www.kerr4kids.com . Check it out; tell your family, friends, and neighbors; and vote for Deb Kerr on Tuesday, February 16th.

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Deborah thinks with facts rather than emotion, and looks out for the student, the taxpayer and the Constitution. The public education of our young people needs to teach Constitutional facts and stop the liberal indoctrination.

The success of our country depends on your young people, so it is time they learn American values that have established this longest running Republic/Democracy in world history.

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