Trump Convicted - Surprised? We Aren't!

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Trump Convicted - Surprised? We Aren't!

May 31, 2024 - 12:20
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There was never a question that the left is engaging in lawfare to thwart the MAGA movement in America. Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, if the facts are with you, use the facts, if they are not, pound the table. Of course what he meant was if you don't have a case, put on a show. And anyone with a brain can see that the Democrat Party and the left has no case against Trump or his policies that put America first... But boy oh boy, can they put on a show!!!

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It started close to eight years ago, it was a Democrat/media assault on America and Donald Trump. In short, they have done everything they could dream up to interfere with my American President and they have done a masterful job. I have had it, I am close to furious with this attack on me, my country, and my Republic. How much longer do I/we have to take this or will we take it. I think these corrupt and evil puppet political people need to be stopped. Pacifism is not working!

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