How They are Rigging our Elections

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How They are Rigging our Elections

February 17, 2024 - 07:55
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Following is an excerpt from The Epoch Times article, "GOP Efforts to Shore Up Election Security in Swing States Face Challenges." If you are not a subscriber of Epoch Times then contact us and we will try to get you the free version of the article.

As in Michigan, lawsuits in Wisconsin have been successful in overturning several 2020 election actions.
The Supreme Court of Wisconsin ruled against several 2020 guidelines from the Wisconsin Elections Commission over the utilization of drop boxes and other directives.

In 2020, Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump by just fewer than 21,000 votes or 0.7 percent.

Since 2020, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat, has vetoed more than 20 election reform bills passed by the Republican-controlled state legislature.

These include bills to prevent the unsolicited mailing of absentee ballot applications, improve access by election observers, tighten voting procedures in long-term care facilities, further restrict the curing of absentee ballots, end the indefinitely confined ID loophole, outlaw ballot harvesting by political operatives, and prevent private money from influencing the administration of elections.

Wisconsin state Rep. Janel Brandtjen, a Republican, largely blames the state election chief, Meagan Wolfe of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for not acting to tighten up election security.

She said that Ms. Wolfe played a role in allowing absentee ballot drop boxes and in letting thousands of voters declare themselves indefinitely confined, thereby permitting them to cast mail-in ballots without an identification, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Wolfe kept special voting deputies from senior care facilities, meaning there was no chain of custody for their absentee ballots,” Ms. Brandtjen told The Epoch Times.

“She also allowed millions of dollars in non-profit organization grant money to flow into Democrat strongholds during 2020. The groups’ representatives were even allowed to work inside the clerk’s offices at election time.”

Evidence supporting Ms. Brandtjen’s criticisms can be found in the Gableman Report, which was published on Nov. 10, 2021.

The interim report contains the findings of an investigation into the 2020 election conducted by retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who was hired as a special counsel by the Wisconsin state assembly.
Ms. Wolfe defended her performance as the state elections chief, in a letter to county and municipal election officials, in June 2023.
“Contrary to what a vocal minority may claim, my tenure at the WEC has been marked by successfully run elections during some of the most difficult circumstances in our state and nation’s history,” she wrote.

The Wisconsin state Senate has voted to remove Ms. Wolfe from office and articles of impeachment have been filed against her in the State Assembly. Both chambers are controlled by Republicans.

Read the whole story here

There are 14 Comments

Why do Democrats want there to be unsolicited mail-in ballots?

Because most Republicans vote without being led to the polls because they know the issues and vote for a sustainable government, Democrats get that unsolicited ballot and think Oh there is an election coming I better check at the union hall and find out who to vote for!

Why are Democrats preventing full access for observers to witness the procedures?

They like to keep their options open when it comes to corruption opportunities.

Why do Democrats want loose procedures inside long-term care center facilities?

History has shown us that Democrats have the inside track when it comes to getting Democrat votes when the person is brain-dead or not aware of the situation.

Why do Democrats want to allow the curing of ballots?

When the mail-in vote does not meet the rules, the voter can come and adjust it and even change the indicated vote. Only a corrupt system would allow this manipulation of a vote, but Democrats seem to find it beneficial, afterall, they pulled out a win after midnight in the last presidential race!

Why do Democrats support the indefinitely confined ID loophole?

Well, they repeatedly have said that Democrats can't get an ID, I have never seen that to be true if they wanted one, but I guess that there are some that are stupid, and kind of wonder if they can make a good choice.

I have to admit this is brilliant if you can get away with it, and don't mind being despicable scum

Why are Democrats in favor of allowing billionaires and their corporations to influence our elections?

Here is what Carl F Freundl, President & CEO of Valley Popcorn Company Inc., wrote me in an email that I share with Statewide GOP leadership, "when I ramped up production and started eroding Robin’s market share, he called to threaten me and demanded I stop. So much for fair competition. Hes a real piece of work…"

Why doesn't Robin Vos and the Republican Assembly Impeach Ms Megan Wolfe? Because Robin Vos wants Trump to lose this State. He controls the entire Assembly. He is the problem.

Mike Lindel read some of Robin's text messages to Mike the night Robin won his last Assembly race. Wow is Robin Vos a petty little man.

Everyone seems to forget the major overhaul of our election system that occurred in the year 2000. Prior to that year a voter required TWO witness signatures for an absentee ballot. Why doesn't the Wisconsin Republican legislature introduce election integrity Bills and/or Constitutional amendments for simple things like requiring more than just one "ditto" mark to submit an absentee ballot. Lets at least go back to requiring two witness signatures on an absentee ballot envelope.

But that wouldn't happen because Robin Vos doesn't want that. He wants drop boxes and Ms. Wolfe running our elections. As long as conservatives continue to give him quarter we will continue to lose. Our record of winning statewide elections under his reign is terrible. Wake up people.

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