Should a librarian have dictatorial authority?

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Should a librarian have dictatorial authority?

September 18, 2023 - 17:19
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You can view important Sep 12, '23 testimony on Real Clear Politics by putting "video, senate hearing, Sen Kennedy" in your search engine. It relates directly to claims that Republicans are 'book banners'. (This claim is an attack using the First Amendment for support.)

The question is: Shall a (singular) librarian have sole determination of the books allowed in a public school library? Would there be objections to a public school employee reading the books to a class (cited in Kennedy's work on the Judiciary Committee)? Would there be objections to any citizen reading these same books to a class? If there were objections, should these books be in a public library? Should a librarian have dictatorial authority?

People are clear that the Bill of Rights have boundaries, eg: You do NOT have the right to yell FIRE in a crowded building. You do NOT have the right to a machine gun.

The First does NOT entitle the public abuse of forming minds; allowing the inference of social things acceptable because they are publicly accessible to those under the age of 18? Is 'age appropriate' a real guide? Should an over-ridden librarian have employment concerns?

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What is so disappointing is the free speech point is always the priority. Many of these people have an agenda of converting normal human values into lifestyles that lead to lifelong confusion.

Here is what the main point society needs to stress. The inappropriate literature that these people promote and defend is Sexual abuse! We have many laws that forbid exposing our children to this material. I have listed the actual statutes in the past. These young minds, under 18 years old, are not mature enough to sort out what is normal, and now we have many public people and our school officials giving this garbage credibility. I have no issue with what adults do, it is not my place, but I consider these promoters of this garbage criminal deviates who need to be stopped. Our schools are sanctioning the destruction of our young people either for their agenda or they wrongly support freedom of speech.

Part of being a good citizen and a good parent is protecting children against direct and indirect harm, be it physical, psychological or social. Some of the content of our libraries can and should be considered pornographic and that content should be unavailable to children under 18 years of age. If a group of people are attempting to sell a sexually charged agenda to our young people, their motives must be questioned. They're obviously not acting in the children's or society's best interests. Why are we allowing this behavior?

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