Derrick Van Orden Stands with Sheriffs Deceived by Ron Kind

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Derrick Van Orden Stands with Sheriffs Deceived by Ron Kind

July 01, 2020 - 06:07
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On the 19th of June, Ron Kind held a conference call with the Sheriffs in our 3rd Congressional District and promised he would NOT support a bill that would abandon our brave men and women who protect us every day.

The very SAME day, he COSPONSORED a bill that would do just that.

Now is the time that we stand up for our Police and Sheriffs.

They stand with us when we need them, we need to stand with them when they need us.

Ron Kind has proven once again, that he will put Nancy Pelosi’s agenda over our Wisconsin values. He cosponsored a bill that would destroy American law enforcement and lied to our Sheriffs about it. This is beyond the pale, and I will not stand for this. I am so proud of our men and women who protect us every day and am so thankful that they are willing to serve.

Sheriff Joel Wener, Sheriff of Pepin County, released the following explaining Kind's deception:

"I learned on Friday that Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District Congressman Ron Kind voted in favor of HR 7120 The Police Reform Act Bill. Section 102 of this bill destroys qualified immunity for law enforcement officers across the United States and allows for law enforcement officers to be sued personally in civil court for doing their jobs.

Just last week, on a phone call with sheriffs throughout his district, we told Congressman Kind how we as law enforcement officers are not for the removal of qualified immunity, and he assured us he would not remove it. Congressman Kind lied to us. Not only did he vote in favor of the bill, he co-sponsored it as well.

Congressman Kind also spoke of his knowledge of use of “No-Knock” warrants in law enforcement and how in certain circumstances they are necessary for the safety of law enforcement officers, yet sec 362 of the police bill ban’s “no knock” warrants for federal drug cases. Section 362 also removes any possibility of law enforcement agencies receiving any monies under the “COPS” grant if state and local units of government do not have in effect a law prohibiting “no knock” warrants in drug cases."

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