Senate Passes Bill Banning Males From Women's Sports

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Senate Passes Bill Banning Males From Women's Sports

March 16, 2024 - 08:40
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Earlier this week, the state Senate passed a bill that would prohibit Wisconsin K-12 public schools and schools participating in the choice program from allowing biological males to participate in girls’ athletic teams or competitions. The Assembly passed the bill earlier this session. The bill will now go to the Governor, who has said on more than one occasion that he will veto any such bill.

This bill is about fairness. Very, very few athletic competitions are fair if a biological girl has to compete against a biological male. The very real physiological differences are not mitigated entirely by hormones or puberty blockers. Girls playing on girls’ teams deserve the opportunity to compete on a fair and level playing field—meaning competing only against other biological girls.

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So you think it takes courage to do this, well it does, as we have come to this unbelievable mess that this legislation has to correct. Can you imagine we even need this legislation, it is embarrassing that we even have to think about it, not to mention do this.

America did not pander to these misguided individuals in the past, we just told them they could not prey on our young women.

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