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Ready to break some ground?

July 16, 2022 - 07:02
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Are you tired of politicians never getting the job done? So am I.

That’s why I'm running for Governor of Wisconsin.

I'm no politician. I'm a successful businessman, builder, 12-year Army Veteran, and a proven conservative with the endorsement from President Trump.

The politicians in Madison, Tony Evers, and even establishment Republicans don't want change.

They want the status quo.

That's why our team is working hard every day to spread this grassroots message across Wisconsin, and now we’re counting on you, friend!

As Governor, I will lead by example in Wisconsin by:

    ✅ Getting Wisconsinites Back to Work

    ✅ Rebuilding Wisconsin’s Economy

    ✅ Backing the Badge

    ✅ Restoring Parental Rights in Education

    ✅ Ensuring Election Integrity and Transparency

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Politics is a very difficult vocation. Trump would have accomplished so much more, but the political insiders hated him, and worked to destroy him, and still are. So your goals and your agenda are very honorable, but it will be a massive challenge for an outsider. I beg all governor candidates to please don't attack your Republican candidate, that is destructive and expensive.
Concentrate on what you can offer, not trying to destroy your Republican opponent.

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