Ragged Old Flag

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Ragged Old Flag

April 26, 2022 - 06:04
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It can be discouraging when we focus on how corrupt our culture has become. When I was a child I read comic books that promoted things like 'Truth, Justice, and the American way' but in today's sick culture those ideas will get you cancelled.

Here is a powerful reminder that our nation has been through tough times in the past and always comes through stronger!

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I was on a crash course as a young person for so many reasons, but because I was born in America, I thrived and succeeded. Only in America can almost anyone succeed, hard work and discipline are required, I will list some reasons for it.

Our Constitution gives us rights, freedoms, and protects us from abuse. Only in America we can rely on this great gift given to us, by some brilliant and dedicated Americans that created our Constitution with our Bill of Rights. Like in the video, America has been challenged many times, and no matter what happens we must stay true to our Constructional principles. We owe it to our Founders and our children. For the sake of humanity, America must survive.

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