'Radical' Republicans? How are they Defining 'Radical?'

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'Radical' Republicans? How are they Defining 'Radical?'

October 27, 2022 - 20:10
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Lately, Republicans are being called extremists and radicals because we love our country and see it going to hell. We believe in God, love our families and our communities. We still believe in the Constitution, the rule of law and understand the difference between Right and Wrong. We believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and that Life begins at conception.

We want good schools for our kids and see test scores continue to drop with only 34% of Wisconsin 3-8 graders being proficient at reading and math. What are teachers teaching? More and more money is going into schools where enrollment has been dropping – we should be seeing better results. Crime is up and cities are defunding the police.

The federal government continues its spending spree that has now created an INFLATION tax on everyone. The $1.2T Infrastructure bill will have little effect on improving roads + bridges in Monroe County. The so-called $739B Inflation Reduction Act does little to control inflation and the 87K new IRS agents will mean more audits and higher taxes for “We The People”. More than 5 million illegal immigrants have crossed our Southern border in the last two years alone.

We are experiencing a debt crisis. Our national debt is $31.2T. As interest rates rise, we are paying significantly more to service this debt. Money does not grow on trees. Even at county government levels, federal and state grants have doubled our budget over the last ten years. There is no such thing as FREE money. Eventually, someone must pay it back. We must stop borrowing and kicking this can down the road for our great grandkids to deal with.

Call me a radical. We desperately need a change. Vote Republican on November 8.

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Republicans that love their country being called radical is almost a badge of courage when you consider parents that attend local school board meetings are called domestic terrorists!
"Doug" makes a lot of good points from his first sentence to his last. There are a few other considerations such as the bloated governments - both federal and state.
"We desperately need a change. Vote Republican on November 8."

I believe it is written somewhere in Scripture, something to the effect of, "When the world is full of lies then it becomes revolutionary to tell the truth." Republicans are considered 'Radical' because we dare to fight for Liberty when the rest of the world (including the Democrat Party) are racing toward authoritarianism.

No, I don't know one single republican radical. I do know many republicans who stand for our Constitutional/American values. In order to be a radical we would have to be out of sync with the Founders of this great nation. I can think of a political party that is way out of sync with Constitutional/American values, and I think they should look in the mirror.
"We desperately need a change. Vote Republican on November 8."

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