Police Oversight Survey Backfires on ‘Woke’ Cult - 7/17 UPDATE

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Police Oversight Survey Backfires on ‘Woke’ Cult - 7/17 UPDATE

July 17, 2021 - 08:49
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The ‘woke’ cult experienced a devastating defeat in La Crosse County recently but you may never hear about it in any main stream outlets.

The cult leaders promoted the Police Oversight Survey back in January but now that the results are in they are completely silent about the input they received. Why would they go through so much trouble only to hide the results? Simple. Because the results were the exact opposite of what they wanted in order to advance their cult agenda.

Thanks to our sources at wislawyer.com who performed the open records request, we are learning that the vast majority of La Crosse County DO TRUST our local law enforcement and ‘back the badge.’

Out of the 1400 survey responses that our sources were able to retrieve by forcing the hands of the government officials through legal open records requests, only 28% of them ranked trust with law enforcement at or below a 5 out of 10.

72% ranked trust in law enforcement at or above 6 out of 10.

Interestingly, the ‘woke’ cultists who listed their trust at 5 or less were primarily employed by government with most of those being in education fields. Those who trust our local law enforcement listed occupations with a healthy diversity of farming, healthcare, engineering, business owners, restaurants, and more.

General comments from the cultists showed that the delusional propaganda from anti-American leftists is widespread and 28% of our community are falling for the lies. Several of those responded with various forms of ‘defund the police’ comments and included disgusting, racist, rhetoric designed to divide our neighbors by the color of their skin.

From those who trust law enforcement, several left comments indicating their belief that the survey is a gimmick designed to appease the ‘woke’ cult and help the Marxist county board leaders to promote their anti-American agenda. Here are just a few of the comments from the vast majority of citizens who support law enforcement,

This seems like it could be a solution looking for a problem and i think education about other existing modes of redress should be clarified and advertised and strengthened

Why wasn't there any questions on if a citizens police board is even needed? The survey is biased from the start without asking that questions and seeks to create a problem and need for another tax payer funded committee when it may not be needed.

this whole thing is not based in reality. please tell me that if any group is formed that the people who wrote this survey wont be involved. there agenda is clear and concerning, i dont want to live in any community where these folks would ensure my safety.

Unnecessary witch-hunt on professionals.

I have lived in this city all my life. I have had contacts with police and found them fair. They face a strong movement of people who have had a lot of contacts with them and now feel they have right to control police practice .lt just does not make sense. The city has a great department and I hope it can hold on to that as they are being vilanisd.

I feel our city is falling under the delusion that we do not treat others who may be different from us in an unfair manner. This is not true. Most people do not judge others or treat others unfairly. We are lucky to live in a caring community, do not ruin it with this divisive discussion.

Most of our city is proud of our men and women who protect us and our city. Do not create more divide by falling for the narrative that we are being treated unfairly. We are lucky to have people that are willing to sacrifice greatly for the betterment of us and our city.

No difficulty, and how about we worry about citizens being respectful and follow our laws regardless of race. The idea of this board is not needed at all. The police deal with difficult people all day, every day and we expect the to be perfect. They are human beings and 99 percent do a good job.

Could this be anymore hateful and biased against the police. You bitch when they do their job and excoriate them when they don’t.

This is nothing more than a committee to ball bust the cops, it's easy to see, and will not be long-lived. This is not how you start police reform, to watch over their shoulder. What about just doing ride-alongs and learning? What needs change is the community of color that repeats crime time after time, same ones in jail weekly ... change their thinking, that's the issue. It's not ok to think the world owes you anything, as well, equality should still be the goal, revenge will not pan out.

This seems like a one sided survey with an already determined outcome. Where in today’s society is there discussions and compromise rather than always so divided with never ending finger pointing. If the law is broken than someone needs to pay for that crime. This finger pointing and division in this country is because no body communicates by discussing and listening. It’s all finger pointing and talking at! The police need to be supported and protect and serve rather than be constantly degraded and criticized. I fear the direction this country is going. I don’t understand how this committee has any qualifications to do this work and tell individuals with bachelors and masters degrees in Criminal Justice and continued annual training on how to do their job.Reflect for a moment on that.....

Some of the questions in this survey were designed to reach a specific outcome. It felt biased and relayed that the police are in need of change. We have some of the best police in the nation and they are being treated unfairly. For example, removing them from the school because people of color are ‘targeted’. Have you ever stopped to think that the persons behavior drives the officers reactions?

Made me sick to my stomach reading this crap. Hold yourself accountable before you try to push this crap onto others and their professions. I back all our public service agencies not whiny criminal lovers posing as concerned residents. My 2nd amendment rights and the honorable law enforcement officers and agencies keep my family and friends safe.

Several respondents also questioned the motivation behind the question regarding race. Some wondered why race mattered when discussing law and order. My sources within La Crosse County government tell me the reasoning is that those in charge of appointing this new committee have decided that ‘whites need not apply’ and they will only consider minority members for appointment. Why are these decision makers so racist? If a white man with decades of experience in criminal justice won’t even be considered for appointment, then how can anyone trust any decisions coming from this organization? As one of the respondents put it,

This is pure bs

Where do we go from here?

I believe the solution can be found within the answers provided by the ‘woke’ cult followers who indicate a severe lack of understanding in how our system of government and oversight is designed. Of those who responded below 5 out of ten, the majority listed that they are unaware of the Police and Fire Commission – the committee responsible for oversight of the police department.

The solution is simple: fix this gap in education.

Instead of teaching our children to hate white people how about teaching them about this important function of government?

BREAKING NEWS: My sources in the La Crosse School District have provided me with evidence showing that while the district is complaining about a lack of funding for legitimate educational materials they seem to have plenty of money set aside to promote a racist education agenda. See the attached email chain for yourself.

5/19/2021 UPDATE
The 'woke' zombies have completely disregarded the will of the people of La Crosse County and are now, officially, recommending the creation of a new committee even though the vast majority of responses in their survey were AGAINST it. Read their report here

7/17/2021 UPDATE
The La Crosse County Board decided to table the idea of creating a new committee but they will continue to twist the facts and attempt to manufacturer enough support to trick the public into backing the effort in the future. This is a big victory for Patriotic, law enforcement supporters who flooded the county with comments opposed to 'woke' culture b.s.

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The bottom line on law enforcement is that we give them a very difficult job. We put them in situations that need fast, accurate, critical decisions. When an unpredictable situation comes up and leads to other than perfect results, someone is unhappy. Keep in mind, the police would not be there if there were not an issue, so it is not the police that caused the issue. Today's police are on average the highest quality law enforcement we have ever had, and they are to be congratulated!

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