Pfaff Rolls Out Desperate Attack, Ignores Real Concerns of Western Wisconsin

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Pfaff Rolls Out Desperate Attack, Ignores Real Concerns of Western Wisconsin

June 16, 2024 - 15:32
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In response to the new desperate line of attack by out-of-touch Brad “Politics as Usual” Pfaff, here is the comment I released to the media:

As I've traveled District 32, I've heard from so many people that Senator Pfaff is out of touch. From a lack of support for family values, refusing to return $7 billion to us, the Wisconsin taxpayers, being confused as to what a woman is, signing on to support Governor Evers’ leftist agenda, the list goes on and on. The Senator appears to be the only one who wasn't aware of where our family lives. My address is right on all the documents I submitted to run against him to return the voice of the people to Madison.

As a resident who has grown up here and has family here, the Coulee Region is my home, from that little farm girl to the woman who will replace Pfaff in the Senate. The simple fact of Pfaff's comments is that he has no accomplishments to hang his hat on, no policies that will support or help the people of the 32nd Senate District or any other district for that matter, and that he's desperately grasping for anything to build his campaign on. Had he advocated for the constituents over the past four years rather than trying to slide into a Congressional seat, perhaps his case for re-election wouldn't hinge on such a small and silly talking point. Our family lives within a few minutes’ drive of the district line, where his representation has such a devastating effect on our great State of Wisconsin that we're moving to make sure the Evers-Pfaff alliance can cause no more damage. Better to be out of district than out of touch, Senator.

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Brad Pfaff has been part of the party that has left most democrats and common people for his entire life once he got away from the home farm influence. The people from home are proud of Brad, but so disillusioned with what he stands for, very sad. His influence under Kohl and Kind was a great indoctrination, but now he full speed ahead in LaLa land.

We have a rare opportunity to elect a good listener and someone who has insight and sincerity, please vote for Stacey Klein, and work to get her elected!

I am guessing Brad Pfaff's problem is that his opponent, Stacey Klein, had to move a few miles to be within the State Senate District that she is campaigning to represent?

Pfaff is too young to remember a Massachusetts Democrat named Robert F. Kennedy that moved from Washington, DC to New York state to run for US Senate so he could springboard to the Presidency in 1968.

Pfaff should certainly remember a former Democrat First Lady of Arkansas that moved to New York after eight years in Washington, DC to run for US Senate so she could springboard to the presidency a few decades ago.

Seems if this moving by prominent Democrats is OK then it should be OK for Stacey Klein to move a few miles to be within a State Senate District. Klein moved so far that she remains in her County Board District.

Maybe this is the only thing Pfaff could find to make noise concerning his excellent opponent! Maybe when he leaves the Senate he should take up studying political history.

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