Pfaff Marches to Orders from Madison, Obstructs PFAS Relief Again

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Pfaff Marches to Orders from Madison, Obstructs PFAS Relief Again

May 14, 2024 - 16:11
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State Sen. Brad (“PFAS Pfaff”) was given an opportunity today that elected officials rarely enjoy: a do-over. But instead of doing the right thing for the people of the 32nd Senate District, he once again chose his radical Madison friends and rejected PFAS relief that residents of the Town of Campbell and throughout the Coulee Region are counting on. The vote was part of Senate Republicans’ effort to override Gov. Tony Evers’ politically motivated veto of Senate Bill 312, which the Governor has cynically used as a part of a political messaging campaign in advance of this fall’s elections. Pfaff, who diligently follows his marching orders from Madison at any cost, fell into line yet again.

Brad Pfaff had an opportunity today to show the people back home that he can be relied upon to do the right thing, eventually. Even if that means disappointing his friends in the Evers administration. Even if it means saying no to his radical Madison environmentalist friends once in a while.

When given the chance to do the right thing, PFAS Pfaff chose politics over people for the second time in six short months. Western Wisconsin deserves better than a back-bench yes-man—especially when it comes to critical matters of public health and safety.

Was this bill perfect? They rarely are. But it was a big step in the right direction by opening up a spigot of relief funds while preventing countless small shops from being bankrupted by environmentalist bureaucrats from Madison. This bill was supported by the Wisconsin Towns Association, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association. PFAS Pfaff’s choice to push a political narrative at the expense of the people back home and ignore the needs expressed by local government is shameful.

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But he chose to play politics like he says he won't. Typical hypocrite, and now he will take the Ron Kind approach and smile and lie right to our collective faces, that he did the right thing. Some will look at that smiling face and assume he is sincere, some will know the truth.

Pfaff is a graduate of deceitful politics, and since he was a young man, he has been well-indoctrinated in deceitful manipulation, he has worked in politics forever. The sad part is we need a real person who gets the big picture and is in this for the people, not the income and notoriety.

Amazingly we have that person, Stacey Klein, a real person who has had a private-sector job and nongovernment employment. We must not miss this opportunity to elect sincere representation!

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