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Papers Please!

March 28, 2020 - 09:14
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I work for a very large technology company. Perhaps the biggest one in the world. My current client is one of the largest grocery store corporations in the nation with thousands of stores in nearly every state. In this new era of pandemic response our team of professionals has been working 24/7 to support what is now considered critical infrastructure for the United States. The systems that my team builds, supports, and maintains are used to transmit crucial information to employees at all levels throughout the country. Grocery workers need to know their work schedule, floor personnel need to know the latest protocols for disinfecting equipment, pharmacy technicians need to know the latest information for medical supplies and treatments, managers need to know the impacts of supply chain disruptions, executives need to know it all. The staggering amount of information that is necessary to make an enterprise work would boggle your mind and this is all necessary to efficiently and effectively keep food on the shelves so you can feed your family.

The purpose of this article is not to provide a consultation on the use of technology in order to support a massive enterprise. I am writing today because, as a contract employee of an enterprise that is considered to be critical infrastructure for the United States, I have received a letter that I may present to authorities if I am detained during these days of 'shelter in place' orders. I call it my 'get out of jail free card' but the thought of needing such a thing scares me to death. I'm not scared for myself. No, I'm scared for the future Liberty of our nation.

If the government has the power to demand your papers just for going on a leisurely drive then the America I love no longer exists.

My friends, our nation is at a tipping point. This pandemic has revealed serious flaws that must be addressed:

  1. Where in the Constitution do We the People grant Congress the authority to spend $2-trillion of our money without a roll call vote?
  2. Why is China not being sued to pay our bills since they are the ones who unleashed this virus on our people?
  3. Where in the state constitution do we grant the governor the authority to force us to stay in our homes?
  4. Where in the state constitution do we grant the governor such authority without even consulting with our representatives in the legislature?

In the world of technology we face problems every day and implement solutions that address them. In the process of analyzing problems and their potential fixes our professionals must consider both the short and long term risks of implementing changes. Did the President and the Congress go through the same exercise when they came up with a $2-trillion 'fix' to this pandemic problem? Are the governors going through the same exercise when they consider draconian steps to close the economy?

I had a conversation recently with a family member who told me that the economic shutdown was necessary in order to save lives. My reply was effectively, Really!? What about the lives of people when rioting and looting take place because of the economic impacts of people who are trying to feed their families? With restaurants closed, how is a single mother who can't work her waitress job supposed to feed her children? What about the lives of people who become depressed and commit suicide due to the isolation being forced on them? Are those lives less important than the handful of lives who MIGHT be affected if they contract the Wuhan Virus? The evidence shows that over 99% of the people who get this virus will be fine. Many people have gotten the virus and overcome it naturally as if recovering from the flu. Why are so many people willing to trade the future of our nation in return for temporary feelings of safety?

The "solution" that Washington has recommended will bankrupt our nation and the vote in the House of Representatives was essentially secret because we cannot see who voted and how.

I miss America.

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Well said ! I agree an have the same concerns, however I have not heard of a better plan than what our President is carrying out. Unfortunately this is an election year and if Republicans do not follow advice of medical experts, and if they don't financially care for low income and no income citizens, then the Democrat socialists party will take over in 2021. If we defeat the China virus by summers end, then we will have plenty finger pointing to put in election adds. I think our Conservative leaders are between a ' rock and a hard place ' !

I must be in shock, as I am somehow accepting this level of Martial Law. I have never seen America latch on to the loss of our simple rights. I am hoping that we snap back fairly soon, I am a fighter, not a passive type that simply accepts this as it is for the common good. I am willing to follow along, in the hope of helping America recover from this enemy, but we need to watch to be sure the enemy is only the virus!

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