A New Voice on the County Board

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A New Voice on the County Board

March 16, 2024 - 17:14
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It is time for a new voice on the County Board in District #15. Vote Heidi Worminghaus!

Do you want a candidate that will support your interests? A candidate that supports improving the country roads in our area? A candidate that supports law enforcement? A candidate that supports high speed internet for rural residents? A candidate that will use common sense to prioritize spending tax dollars wisely? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to vote for Heidi.

Heidi is a hard-working parent that knows the challenges our youth are facing today. She will use common decency to help determine the best plan for our homeless community. She believes in collaboration, the constitution and diversity. She strongly supports protecting our environment for future generations to enjoy.

After 15 years of Monica Kruse, it’s time for new leadership and fresh ideas.

Vote for Heidi Worminghaus for the District #15 seat on the County Board.

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Yes, it is time for Monica Kruse to go, she has worked hard to accomplish little and has spent a fortune over the years.  She has no concept of Local government living within its means and responsibilities.  I don't live in your district, but I am affected by what happens in La Crosse County.  Get the voter list and send all of the voters in your district your plan and anything else that shows what you will work to accomplish.

As far as Diversity, I don't see that as a government goal, we have our Constitution and 10,000 documents to protect individuals' rights, the government should stay out of working to prioritize any individual because of race or any reason.

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