My plan for fixing Biden’s America

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My plan for fixing Biden’s America

June 04, 2022 - 07:41
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We’ve all suffered under Biden's economy with no end or solution in sight. It’s clear Democrats are unwilling to sacrifice their agendas no matter how painful their policies have been for Americans.

That’s why I’ve detailed out a plan. The solutions are simple:

1. A stable American economic future starts with safety first and foremost.

Secure the border immediately.

2. Inflation is being fueled by Biden’s deficit spending.

Spending should be drastically cut.

3. Our tax system should encourage work, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Our tax system needs to be simplified and made to last.

4. Unnecessary regulations on businesses need to be removed.

Cut the red tape and help businesses succeed.

5. America needs to diversify our supply-chain.

We shouldn’t need to rely upon other nations for vital products.

6. We need to invest in U.S.-made pharmaceuticals

America must be prepared to combat any illnesses.

7. We need a free-market economy in healthcare and education

Secure lower prices and higher quality services.

I’ll cut right to it, Biden’s Senate Democrats will never allow for these solutions to pass.

It’s time for a change. We MUST take back the Senate.

But we can’t do so without your help. It’s going to take every grassroots patriot reading this email to stand with me before midnight. Can I count on you to join me?

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Ron has so many good points here and he is 100 percent right!

Are any of you as embarrassed as me that America has to beg the rest of the world for food for our babies? What a disgrace, this Biden/Democrat system needs to be defeated, before we reach Third World Status.

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